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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big Ribbon

I spent last weekend showing my work at the Cottonwood Wild West Art and Wine festival and came home with a big show ribbon. The festival was held in the small town of Cottonwood, near Redding in Northern California, and the temperatures over the weekend hovered around 115 degrees (that's 46 C for those of you outside the US). I didn't think it was possible that anyone would even show up, but a few hardy souls came and bought art and tasted wine and took in the entertainment. Apparently that kind of weather is common around there, and the locals sort of shrugged it off while wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans. Meanwhile my partner and I survived by applying ice to the backs of our neck and spritzing each other with cold water.

I was awarded the prize for "Best Booth", which I think means I was the classiest act present. I didn't have a lot of competition. There were only a few other painters present, and one of those was exploring the tradition of painting on saw blades. But I really did appreciate being recognised. I did a lot of research last summer looking at displays at several of the high end art festivals in the area, and have put a lot of thought into designing my booth. So I'm taking the ribbon as a pat on the back. Besides, I was always a little jealous of my cousin and her wall of horse show awards. Now I've got a big ribbon of my own.


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