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Monday, February 25, 2008


"Encircled", oil on panel, 8x10, $320 unframed

I've been working this last weekend on the house, installing bamboo flooring. But in between crawling around on my hands and knees wielding a power nailer, I managed to get a little work done in the studio. I blogged about this painting before here, because I'd smeared it badly in transporting it home. The consensus in the comments was that I should try to fix it, and fix it I did. I was afraid to touch the painting before, because I had the vivid recollection of how perfect that section had been, and I couldn't imagine recreating that passage. This time around, I couldn't remember exactly what had been there before, and so I felt a certain freedom in messing with it. It was a good reminder that treating a painting as too precious can stifle creativity. There has to be room for error to create.


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