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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

reduction print

I haven't posted much work recently, mostly because I haven't had much time to make art. I did start a large woodblock print this week, and thought I'd share the process as it goes along. This is a reduction print, so for each color I'll carve away a little more of the block. I started by printing a blue background for the sky using the whole block, and then carved away the areas that are going to remain sky to reveal the tree and hillside. One of the cows is showing up on the horizon at this stage. The picture shows the block inked and ready to print on my press. I only inked part of the block to make a green hillside, the rest of that tree will be printed in the next color.

After printing the green grass of the hill, I started carving away to reveal the rest of the cows, and the shadows of the cows and trees.

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