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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Synchronicity is a funny thing. I've been reading and thinking about the practice of keeping a journal recently, and not just a write down your innermost thoughts kind of journal, but an illustrated journal that celebrates the day to day bits of one's life. Much of this was sparked by finding Jana Bouc's blog, and similar sketching blogs by artists and amateurs alike.

I was listening to a piece on National Public Radio this afternoon on Charles Darwin. It's part of a series called "Speaking of Faith", and the guest of the show, James Moore, is a biographer of Charles Darwin who was placing Darwin's ideas into historical context. There's a webpage devoted to the show that has images from Darwin's notebooks, with commentary by David Kohn. And I was thinking about how science used to be filled with this same kind of journaling. Before the age of the camera, naturalists sketched and contemplated the details of nature in a different way.

And the difference is really about time. About taking the time to observe and contemplate, which requires a bit more patience and attention than just snapping a photo. I suppose I am particularly drawn to the idea of taking time to sit and sketch my daily world because I'm so overwhelmed with work and other obligations right now. But I think the universe is telling me it's time to sketch a little more. The image above is a sketch I made sitting in front of the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It's a small start.


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Felicity said...

What a super blog - it's the first one I've looked at this morning and my mind is buzzing already! When I saw this sketch I knew there would be wonderful things to see. You have a real confidence in your lines.

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Lin said...

Maybe a small start but a great one!! I like all your thoughts and writings and look forward to popping in again and seeing what you're up to!!! KEEP IT UP!!

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Jana Bouc said...

You really did the statue justice in your drawing. The horse is especially beautifully drawn. I'm so delighted to be mentioned on your blog as a source of inspiration--now you've inspired me. I enjoyed your discussion about how scientists journaled their discoveries and thoughts in the past and I imagine many still do the same--it's such a valuable way to more deeply experience and understand what is before us each day.


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